Design Feature 1

No Pin Engagement with Back-Stopper
Benefit : No Wearing

Sustainability of test performance


  • Sustainable specification & FPY can be achieved
  • Longer housing lifespan; ≥6M insertion (≥200% longer lifespan than typical socket housing)
  • It maximizes contact pin & elastomer lifespan
  • Provides higher OEE & lower cost of test

Design Feature 2

SWS (Short Wiping Stroke) Technology
Benefit : Slow Wearing

Zigma has 0.10mm wiping length compared to typical 0.17~0.22mm


  • Less debris generation leads to less cleaning
  • Optimizes lifespan of pin's contact tip due to bigger contact area (≥60% longer lifespan than typical contact pin)
  • Longer MTBA, MTBR and MTBF
  • Ideal for chamfered corner pad, short pad and wettable flank pad/dimple pad
  • Shorter wiping length retain more solderability area
  • Ideal for multiple testing insertion

Design Feature 3

ACF (Adv. Contact Finishing) Technology
Benefit : Slow Wearing

Finer contact finishing has less cavity for debris accumulation at contact tip of DUT & less abrasive to loadboard


  • Loadboard friendly
  • Less cleaning frequency
  • Less cost of loadboard repair
  • Longer MTBA, MTBR & MTBF

Design Feature 4

Bigger Elastomer Diameter
Benefit : Slow Wearing

Less percentage of compression per diameter


  • Longer lifespan of elastomer (≥33% longer lifespan than typical elastomer)
  • Sustainable test peformance
  • Longer MTBA, MTBR & MTBF

Design Feature 5

XYZ Compatible with Most Socket
Benefit : Low or Zero Hardware Investment

Plug and play


Design Feature 6

Loadboard Friendly Benefit : Cost Reduction in Loadboard Repair
Debris blocked by front elastomer


  • Less cleaning frequency of loadboard
  • Prolong loadboard lifespan
  • Longer MTBA, MTBR & MTBF

Design Feature 7

Poka-Yoke Design
Benefit : Cost Avoidance of Wrong Component Used

Same pin & elastomer for both PPF/NiPd & Matte Tin


  • Error free maintenance
    - Single pin type for PPF/NiPd & Matte Tin
    - Single elastomer type for front & back
  • Less inventory
  • Longer MTBA, MTBR & MTBF